Product used

  1. Perviro Pulp & Paper (5% PAA, 23% Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Bleaching, brightening;
    • Biocide;
    • Oxidizer and odour elimination.


Persan P&P is used to control slime in paper machines.  Typical anti-slime agents are bromium, organic sulphur and quaternary ammonium compounds, as well as aldehydes.  Persan P&P represents an environmentally friendly alternative to the currently used organic biocides.  After use, it decomposes into water, oxygen and acetic acid, a result good for both industry and the environment.

Final paper products can be negatively impacted by unwanted smells arising from highly organically loaded water which produces bacteria.  Persan P&P acts as a biocide and strong oxidizer to eliminate the bacteria and resulting smell.

High brightness in pulp can be achieved by using Persan P&P in a post bleaching stage.