Product used

  1. Persan (5% PAA, 23% Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Food contact surface sanitation;
    • Conveyors, pipelines, equipment, floors, walls and drains;
    • Sulfite oxidation and odour elimination.
  2. Persan 15LP (15% PAA, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Anti-microbial for use in ice and water in direct contact with meat, poultry and seafood, as well as fully processed fruits and vegetables.
  3. PAA LT Sanitizer (15% PAA, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Highly effective sanitizer for use in spraying, soaking, circulation, or flooding applications for pre-cleaned hard surfaces such as utensils, glass, plastic bottles or containers.


Hard Surface Sanitizing

Persan is formulated for use in circulation cleaning and sanitizing of industrial equipment such as tanks, pipelines, evaporators, fillers, pasteurizers, aseptic equipment and for sanitizing of previously cleaned hard, non-porous food contact surfaces.

It is a no-rinse, non-foaming product effective in cold temperatures, ideal for CIP (clean in place) systems for food processing.

Persan is used at low solution concentration to rapidly kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.  It is more tolerant than most sanitizers to pH, temperature, water hardness and organic soils.

The decomposition products of Persan are acetic acid, oxygen and water, making it an excellent environmentally safe highly effective alternative to harsh sanitizers such as chlorine.

Egg Processing

Persan 15LP provides an environmentally safe treatment for egg processing against bacteria and microorganisms.  It is used as a spray or wash prior to packaging.  It can be used at cool temperatures and provides a cost effective, chlorine free solution to control salmonella and campylobacter.

Fruit and Vegetable Sanitation

Persan 15LP is a disinfectant for fruits and vegetables.  Primary action is oxidation.  Persan 15LP disinfects by oxidizing the outer cell membrane of vegetable bacterial cells, endispores, yeast and mold spores.  It also inactivates enzymes that are responsible for discoloration and degredation such as peroxidose in the browning of potatoes.  Persan 15LP acts faster than chlorine for oxidation.


Both Persan and Persan 15LP are used in greenhouse sanitation and disinfection. Persan provides effective control of fungus and bacteria.  Many fungicides and bactericides that are often geared towards selecting specific pathogens can create problems of pathogen mutation without a proper rotation of chemicals.  Persan attacks pathogens on contact giving them no time to develop resistance.  Persan can be more cost effective than harsher chemical alternatives and is cleaner and safer to use.  Once applied, Persan (peracetic acid) turns back into water and oxygen with a slight acetic residue, benefitting plant growth.

Poultry Processing Sanitation

Persan 15LP is used for treatment against bacteria and microorganisms in poultry processing.  Peracetic acid has many advantages when compared to sodium hypochlorite (another common sanitizer).  Peracetic acid does not react with proteins to produce toxic or carcinogenic compounds.  It has low environmental impact and has been reported to be more effective than sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) against biofilms.  It is used in multiple intervention points in the processing process including spray, wash, rinse, dip, chill or other poultry processing waters.

Red Meat Carcass Sanitation

Persan 15LP is used as an antimicrobial in red meat processing.  It is used in spray and wash systems and is a powerful oxidizer.  Approved for use in washing, rinsing, cooling or otherwise processing of fresh carcasses at maximum concentrations of .020% PAA and .0075% Hydrogen Peroxide.


Persan LT Sanitizer is a highly effective sanitizer for use in spraying, soaking, circulation or flooding applications for pre-cleaned hard surfaces such as utensils, glass, plastic bottles or containers.

It is an excellent alternative to chlorine providing a safe residue and more pleasant odour.  It can be used in cold water.

It is used effectively in low temp dishwashers and glass washers as a sanitizer with excellent results.

Wineries and Breweries

Persan is used as a sanitizer in wineries and breweries for all hard surfaces such as pipelines, conveyors, processing equipment, mixing containers, floors, walls and drains.  Persan has many advantages over sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) related to finished quality and final water discharge.  Persan (peracetic acid) leaves no taste or distasteful odour, is not corrosive to stainless steel, aluminum or alloys.  It is an effective bio-film remover, can be used on wood surfaces and degrades to carbon, oxygen and water once used.